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Commercial Business Leasing

When it comes to negotiations big or small, Carter Green Law Practice has you covered.

gold coast lawyer commercial lease
gold coast lawyer commercial lease

Leasing can prove advantageous. It allows you to adapt quickly as the market changes and as your business grows, allows you more time to focus on your business and gives you greater flexibility with less risk involved. It also doesn’t tie up as much of your equity and your money in the long run.

But before signing a legally-binding commercial lease – whether it be retail or non-retail – both the landlord and the tenant need to understand their rights and to ensure they are fully protected. Our Gold Coast commercial lease lawyers can help with the legal advice you are looking for.


At Carter Green Law Practice, we’ve provided our services to the wider Gold Coast community in commercial business leasing for over 20 years.

Thanks to our experienced team of commercial leasing lawyers, we can help you prepare and interpret your lease, inform you of your responsibilities, draft other related documents and negotiate the key terms and conditions of your contract. In conjunction with legal advice, we also provide practical solutions so negotiations can proceed with little stress.

Carter Green Law Practice

We makes your negotiations a top priority.

Our commercial leasing lawyers are able to work closely with you, help provide a deeper understanding of the issues involved, as well as tailor our services to specifically fit your needs. Our Gold Coast commercial lease lawyers are always available to provide a service that is fair and affordable to all our clients.

gold coast lawyer commercial lease

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